Selected Project Summaries

University of Wisconsin Oshkosh: Division of Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence

UW Oshkosh's Academic Support of Inclusive Excellence provides academic and student support services to assist in the recruitment, enrollment, retention and graduation of multicultural and eligible first-generation, low-income students. The institution is seeking to maximize the division's impact and effectiveness. EARA is working with division personnel to perform an assessment to define strength areas and improvement opportunities.

Association for Supportive Child Care: La Paz/Mohave Professional Development Program

The Association for Supportive Child Care's Professional Development Program (PDP) provides community based professional development opportunities in for providers serving children ages birth - five. EARA is working with project administration to define project success and improvement areas.

Ron Brown Scholar Program

EARA completed an impact assessment of the program that was established in 1996. Program description from the program internet site: The Ron Brown Scholar Program (RBSP) provides academic scholarships, service opportunities and leadership experiences for young African Americans of outstanding promise. RBSP provides Scholars with $40,000 ($10,000 per year for 4 years toward educational expenses) that may be used at their college of choice. Link

Scholar Academies

The Scholar Academies, according to its Internet site, was developed to decrease achievement gaps and ensure every child can attend a high-quality public school. EARA worked with the DC Scholars Stanton Elementary School to define impact areas in reading and mathematics for participating students.

Authentic Leadership Alliance

EARA worked with the Authentic Leadership Alliance to summarize results of a study related to women and leadership. The study considered leadership perceptions of women by career level, age, and organization size.

Georgia Space Grant Consortium

EARA was invited to complete a training on the development of goals and SMART objectives for the consortium. The principal investigator was successful in its efforts to maintain its role as the lead of the consortium.

International Partnership for Energy Efficiency Cooperation (IPEEC)

EARA recently joined with IPEEC to provide evaluation support. According to its Internet site, IPEEC is a high-level international forum that provides global leadership on energy efficiency. IPEEC aims to promote information exchange on best practices and facilitate initiatives to improve energy efficiency. The effort includes developed and developing countries that collectively account for over 75% of global GDP and energy-use.

Meesha Media Group

EARA completed a market research study that was used by Meesha Media Group to select a concept to develop an anti-snitching PSA for the Department of Justice. The project included focus groups of young adults that were former gang members in Baltimore, MD.

National Space Grant Foundation

EARA completed the 20th Year Evaluation of NASA's National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. Activities included the development of rubrics for the peer review process, training of the reviewers on effective rubric use, and data analysis. The evaluation concluded with a national level report and data reports for each of the individual consortiums in each state and Puerto Rico. A result of the evaluation was that EARA was invited to complete a training on the development of goals and SMART objectives at the National Space Grant Director meeting in Washington DC.

People Animals Love

EARA serves as the monitoring and evaluation firm for the largest out-of-school time program associated with the DC Public Schools. The program operates at two different sites and serves over 300 children.

Samana College Research Center (SCRC)

EARA has completed evaluations of SCRC activities that have involved bringing medical personnel to Samana to provide services to the community. Dr. Nagle also assists with program planning in SCRC's efforts to increase study abroad for US college students to go to Samana. Because of his work quality, Dr. Nagle now serves on SCRC's board.

Savannah State University

EARA completed the final project evaluation for the National Science Foundation funded Business of Engineering Education Model (BEEM) project.

Shaw University

EARA developed the quasi-experimental research design for a computer-aided instruction design proposal that was successfully funded by the National Science Foundation.

US Department of Energy Office of Economic Impact and Diversity

EARA was engaged to complete a five-year review of DOE's work HBCUs, HSIs, and TCUs. Results were focused on developing an understanding of how the department's grants were contributing to its strategic objectives.

US Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education

EARA worked with researchers from George Washington University and George Mason University to conduct focus groups as part of the SWOT component of its strategic planning process. EARA was also selected to work with OPE's core team to facilitate the development of the Mission and Vision Statements. OPE completed its strategic planning process by engaging EARA to do its final OPE Strategic Plan Review.

UNCF Special Programs Corporation

EARA completed multiple projects for UNCFSP. EARA managed completion of a Dashboard Metric system for UNCF which was designed by Dr. Nagle while he was with UNCF. The dashboard system serves as a tool for UNCF and its member institutions. EARA also completed evaluations of the Institute for International Public Policy (IIPP). EARA also developed the evaluation plan for UNCFSP's NASA Astrobiology Institute which was successful in gaining funding. EARA helped UNCFSP earn its first GSA contract with the National Women's Business Council in 2011. EARA wrote the research plan for UNCFSP's successful proposal to summarize the 2007 Survey of Business Owners conducted by the US Census Bureau. The final report is available here: Link