• The Samana College Research Center located in the Dominican Republic has worked with Barry for over four years. He has worked with us by serving on our initial board, supporting our development efforts, and completing evaluation projects related to our efforts to serve children and adults in the Dominican Republic. The work he has done for us has received compliments from Columbia University faculty and members of President Leonel Fernandez' administration. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Barry and his team in the future as we continue our work in the Dominican Republic and Haiti.
  • Mr. Nagle has a long-term involvement with the National Space Grant College and Fellowship Program. For the 15th year evaluation in 2003, Barry designed the online data collection system and developed the rubrics for our team to provide an objective evaluation of the Space Grant consortia. We believe it was the most thorough and objective evaluation that has been conducted of the program. We asked Barry to also complete the 20th year evaluation that successfully led to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each consortium. This enabled us to develop an improvement program for the consortia that were in need. The process identified a critical need for training in goal and objective development. Barry supported us by providing training at our National Space Grant Directors meeting on how to develop goals and SMART objectives. Finally, Barry and his colleague Kelly Hannum, worked together to develop our final 20th Year Evaluation Report. We fully support the quality of Barry’s work and highly recommend him.